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Become a Bespoke Co-Creator

“Be an entrepreneur….”

“Be your own boss….”

“Create your own success….”

“Work on your own flexible schedule….”

“Do something helpful and rewarding….”

“Earnings commensurate with Effort....”

           - “A lot easier said than done.” – Anonymous

All of these things are what everyone aspires to, but how many people really achieve them?  With Senza Rivali, we truly believe that you can.


What do I need to Become a Bespoke Co-Creator?

A Senza Rivali Bespoke Co-Creator is someone with a strong desire to learn and succeed, an entrepreneur at heart who can be a leader and develop trust with a Client.

An outgoing individual that with the vision of a new opportunity.


Why Men’s Shoes?

Because people should not be constrained by a narrow view of what one can wear and no one should have to compromise.”

We are often asked why we chose to get into the men’s shoe business.  The answer can be found in the shoe department of any department store.  The shoes are simply uninspired.  They are made to appeal to, and fit, an “Average” person.  They come in two or three colors, but mostly black and brown and only in a narrow range of styles. 

How many men are simply “Average?”

What if a man has a narrow foot? – “Put in an innersole” and hope for the best.

What if a man has a wide foot? – “It will stretch” - cram it in there and hope it is not too uncomfortable.

Who says that a wingtip cannot be worn with jeans or that a boot cannot be worn with a suit? 

Who says these things? –  Most of the people who sell shoes.


What about buying shoes online?”

 If you are interested in fit and comfort, it is simply a poor choice. The only advice you receive buying online is a note on the website which says:

“Runs true to size,” or

“Order ½ size larger than your normal size” 

We are not too sure what these things mean and we are not too sure anyone else does either. 

In addition, who is assisting and advising?  Is there someone there with knowledge of men’s shoe styles, design, options and fit?  99.9% of the time, the answer is no.


Not Us

We do not ask men to compromise.  We aim to help give them what they want, what will fit and what will last.

While not everyone has what it takes to be one of our Bespoke Co-Creators, we have created the right situation for the right people to succeed:

1.  Good Commissions

2.  Training and Education – we have created a training program to educate our Bespoke Co-Creators and provide the knowledge they need to be a trusted resource for Clients that Clients can come back to again and again and feel comfortable recommending you to others.

3.  Shoe Configuration Tool – our online shoe configuration tool, at offers the opportunity to interact with Clients in a collaborative process to build a shoe from the ground up, with the options that the Client wants, and with the Client being able to see what the end product looks like.  While online shoe configuration is not new, we have taken it to a new level with thousands of options and customizations.

4.  Fit and Quality – each Bespoke Co-Creator is trained to take 11 different measurements using equipment provided by Senza Rivali to make a custom Last (a mold of the Client’s foot).  The Client’s shoes are literally made to order on that custom Last to ensure proper fit.  One Last, One Pair of Shoes – this is the only way we will do it.  Mass produced shoes are made on a Last which approximates the customer’s size ensuring that the best you can do is come close to a proper fit.  We won’t do it that way.


Become a Bespoke Co-Creator

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Be a Leader

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