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Bespoke Men's Shoes

How We Do It


Custom Shoes


You don't need to be a shoe expert to get a pair of Bespoke quality handcrafted shoes or boots.  Each of our Clients meets with a “Bespoke Co-Creator” who has received specialized training in shoe styles and fitting.  Your Bespoke Co-Creator will measure your feet, learn your personal style and then use our online shoe configuration platform at and leather and material swatches to help design the perfect shoes or boots for you.  You and your Bespoke Co-Creator can change colors and options on a smartphone, tablet or computer until you like what you see and you can place your order right then and there.

We will keep you in the loop, sending pictures of your Lasts, uppers and completed shoes as they are done and within 40 to 45 days, your Bespoke Co-Creator will deliver your shoes in our distinctive chest.







The possibilities are endless.  Senza Rivali offers 20 different base shoe and boot types, each one with 12 to 25 different customizations.  Your creation gives you the opportunity to showcase something that is unique, with thousands of potential designs. Choose from multiple leather and suede choices, extra height, stitching and just about anything else that you can imagine.

Wingtip Oxfords                  


Cap Toe Derby                    

Spectator Shoes

Wingtip Derby Boot            

Chelsea Boot

Driving Shoes                      

Chukka Boot

Cap Toe Oxfords                

Wingtip Derby

Split Toe Oxford                  

Cap Toe Derby Boot

Split Toe Derby                    

Longwing Derby Boot

Split Toe Derby Boot          

Single Monk Strap

Penny Loafer                      

Double Monk Strap

Tassel Loafer                      

Fringe Loafer





We take 11 different measurements of each Client’s right and left foot to ensure proper fit.  The measurements are accurate to the millimeter using five different measuring devices including a digital caliper and digital measuring tape.  The measurements are then sent to a Last Maker to make models of your left and right feet known as a “Last.”  The Lasts are made accurate to 0.2 millimeters.

Each shoe is handcrafted on your custom Last ensuring a made to measure masterpiece that it truly yours.