Men's Bespoke Shoes


Types of Leather 

We offer the following types of leathers, but if there is something you want, the odds are we can get it for you.  Just ask!  This may be a lot to take it, but not to worry, our Bespoke Co-Creators have swatches of the different types of materials.

Calfskin – is leather produced from the hide of a calf which is typically used in high end shoes and clothing because of its softness, fine grain, durability and waterproof qualities. The fine grain is mostly free of blemishes and can last for years with proper care. Cleaning and shining are very easy. Calfskin is the most expensive non-exotic leather. We offer three types of calfskin – soft, smooth, burnished and pull-up/oiled. For shoes that have a painted patina, we use white calf “crust” leather.  "Burnished" means that the leather has been buffed to have an antiqued appearance and a variation in shading.  "Pull-Up or Oiled" means that the leather has been treated with a natural oil which makes it appear darker.  If you pull up on it the leather will appear lighter.

Suede - uses the flesh side of the skin which is then buffed and sanded down to an even texture which makes suede thin and pliable. It is not as durable and harder to keep clean because its nappy texture, if untreated, is a sponge for dirt and water.

Nubuck – similar to suede but made from the outside of the hide so that has more strength, is thicker and has a finer grain. It scratches somewhat easily and is not very durable if untreated.

Patent Leather – is calfskin with a highly polished mirror shine that uses a finished process with a lacquer on the outside. 

Exotics – Crocodile, alligator, ostrich and lizard – we can offer cow leather embossed with these patterns to create a unique look.


With calf leather, we can make your YouShoes™ in just about any color you can find.  If it is not in the configuration tool, we can make it happen anyway.  Here are the basic colors:


Patent leather comes in black and white.

Suede and nubuck is available in the following colors: