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What do you like?

Saw something that inspired you?

We can custom make it for you and to fit you!

Colors, textures, materials, laces, tassels, vamps, heels, soles, pinking, brouging, toe medallions, extra height, extra wide, tassels on your laces..... whatever options you wish for, our Bespoke Co-Creators can help you customize the YouShoes™ you want.


Working with one of our Bespoke Co-Creators, start with a basic shoe and build from there:

Progression of Parts4


Progression of Parts5


Senza Rivali style tips:


Add a little flair to a classic

Need a new pair of wingtips for work?  Add tassels to the end of the laces or change the color of some of the stitching to make a standout, but still conservative shoe.

Try a pair with perforations without the actual brouging.

Want a wholecut show?  Try one with the laces on the side instead of on the top.


Use "Mixed Media"

Don't hesitate to mix different colors and textures in the same shoe, like a Double monk with a Suede strap and a leather upper. 


Don't Hesitate to Stray from Traditional Style "Guidelines"

We have all seen men's shoe style "guidelines" which tell us that certain shoes can only be formal and certain shoes can only be casual.  Don't hesitate to deviate from those guidelines by taking design elements from different shoes and combining them.  We are not saying your should try flip flops at work, but within reason....



Double Monk


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